How to kill Gophers

Are you waiting around too long to catch a gopher? Gophers can ruin your plants and even the most carefully tended lawn. You probably spent sleepless nights checking as many gophers’ mounds and holes already. To no avail, you can’t even catch one on your own. You want to finally put an end to this. Did you know that there are more ways than one to kill gophers?

Let the dogs out
If you have large pets at home (e.g. big dog or cat), you can let them roam around the garden to help you hunt down gophers while you sleep. If there happen to be other wild animals around (e.g. a snake, an owl or a hawk) chances are, you won’t have to kill the gopher yourself.

Play hide and seek
The most practical of all methods is none other than using a trap. The spring mechanism of this device can crush the gopher right away. But you will have to clean up the unsightly mess afterwards. Using a trap is the first and foremost choice of homeowners before calling an exterminator. These traps are placed inside the tunnels by digging the burrows way down.

Feed them for good
Another technique is poisoning. Using a poison to kill gophers is basically done by lacing the bait with toxic substances (e.g. zinc phosphide or strychnine). Keep in mind that this method may fall back on you if you have other pets around the house. Although some ingredients are only known to be lethal to rodents, you don’t want your pet cat or dog to accidentally taste any of it.

Leave them breathless
There’s another gopher exterminator known as gopher gassers that works by choking these animals to death (due to smoke). It looks like a stick that flares instantly once you light it up with flame. This instrument is placed inside the tunnel, which you have to seal afterwards. The fumes can cause these animals to gasp for more oxygen until there’s no more air left to breathe.

Pass it on to someone else
All of the methods mentioned above have so far proven to be effective. If you find yourself having several unsuccessful attempts, you might as well hire a professional and leave all the dirty work to them. Hiring an exterminator will definitely save you a lot of time.It will also spare you out of all the frustration. After all, it can be quite annoyingif you can’t catch at least one elusive gopher around your very own garden. And it certainty not worth all your time anyway.

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