How to kill a mole

Catching a mole and killing it is not as easy as it sounds. Therefore you need to come up with a method and tactic that you will need to get the animal and kill it or else, you will have to come up with a method where the animal is caught and killed immediately. Killing off the moles will normally involve these two methods;

• Use of lethal traps.
• Use of poisons. These two are the most effective methods where you are assure that the animals will never disturb you and your lawn again.

Why you need to kill the moles
Moles are very destructive leave alone the benefits they bring to us such as improving the soil aeration, but on the other hand, moles are very dangerous since they will cause the lawns to be very ugly by making some ridges. Also, they eat the roots and afterward pull the plants underground and the result of this is that the lawn will be very ugly and with no time, it will turn brown. What an ugly spot. Therefore, you will need to be very careful with how you go about handling the moles.

Use of the lethal traps
Using the lethal traps is the best option to run for. You need to identify the main runaways the mole use, but how to do that is normally the problem. This is how you should do it;

• Identify the permanent or the deeper tunnels.
• Identify the reopened tunnels since they form the main runaways.
• The main runaways will usually follow fence rows, walk ways, the foundations or the man made boarders.
• Main runaways will occasionally work along woody perimeter of a field or the lawn.

After identifying the main runaway the moles use, you can now set the traps. They are effective because they block the mole run-ways. The mole will try to re-open the way and boom! They get smashed. That is the simple principle working behind the use of the lethal traps.

Use of the poisons
Poisons are other active agents which a person can use in case the problem of moles seems to be getting out of hand. Poisons are very active in case there is a mole infestation in your lawn. They have an anti-coagulant factor which causes much severe internal bleeding to the animal causing it to die slowly and painfully. This is the best method since the animal will die underground causing minimal risk to the human.

If you have moles in your lawn killing them might be the best option and use of the lethal traps and the poisons is the best thing to do.

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