How to kill a rabbit

When it is too much, killing the animal becomes a vital organ of control. These animals might reach to a point of becoming a threat to the people and the farm owners. Their hazards are so devastating and therefore, killing becomes very necessary. The following are the methods that one should use when killing the animal;

• Poisoning.
• Shooting.
• Lethal trapping.
• Biological killing methods.

All these four methods are very effective at keeping the animals dead. Therefore, look at the method that is very applicable and then apply it at killing the animals bothering you. Before, killing the animal, consider the following;

• Is the method humane?
• How many of the animals can the method take out at once?
• The cost of the method.
• The threat the method poses to other animals.
• The adverse effects of the method on the wrong run.
• How effective is the method at killing the animal?

All these are the thing that you must take into account when dealing with these animals and when plotting to kill them.

Poisoning is perhaps the best method when taking out a large number of these animals. When you have an infestation of the rabbits in your yard and want to take all of them out, then you have to use this control method. Actually, not unless you are living in a place where there are many of these, then poisoning might do you good.

Shooting is another method which is so humane and perhaps widely used at keeping the animals away. However, the only disadvantage with this method is that it can only be used animals are countable, or rather, where the animals are very less. It kills the animal very fast causing sudden and abrupt death.

Lethal traps
Lethal traps are other types of traps where the animals are killed at once after being caught. Sometimes they can be humane and at other times the lethal traps can be very inhumane. Therefore, when using the traps, you have to be very careful about which trap you use. And again the disadvantage with these traps is that they can only be used where the animals are very less.

Biological method
Use of other animals such as the predators of the rabbits might also help you at controlling these animals. Therefore consider this method as an option of keeping the animals out.

All these method are very helpful at killing the animals which are a bother to you. Therefore, consider an option or all of them.

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