What Are Some Ways to Kill Raccoons in the Yard?

Having raccoons in the yard can be problematic and annoying. The animal can cause serious damage more than you can ever imagine possible. That is the reason why you have to consider doing something fast and urgently in order to avoid more damages to your property by the animal. Killing raccoon, in your yard is just one of the options you need to consider but you should take some time to go through the wild animal regulation in your area so as to know whether raccoon is among the wild animal protected by law or not. If you have checked that and found that it is not protected, here are some tips on how to kill it.

Use a Lethal Trap to Kill Raccoon in the Yard
If you have finally resorted to killing raccoon so as to solve the infestation problem permanently, one of the most effective but inhumane way is to use a lethal trap. The trap will just grip on the neck and kill it immediately. In order to increase your chance of getting the raccoon trap in your lethal trap you have to strategize the trap on the pathway way to the entrance and exit of food sources. You will be lucky to have the animal trapped in your lethal trap the next morning.

Hunt Raccoon in Your Yard with Gun
Shooting is another effective and efficient way to kill raccoon that have turned your yard to toilet. You have to get a firearm and hunt the animal in the night. But, you must be experienced in handling guns before you will be able to succeed in killing raccoons through shooting.

Use a Cage Trap to Catch Raccoon and Kill It with Sword
Just go ahead and set a cage trap near the food sources and you the raccoon will be in the cage the next money waiting for you to pass judgment on it. You can also increase your chance of getting the animal into your humane trap through baiting. After catching raccoon in your cage trap you will decide on the best way to kill it which can include, drowning, piecing with sword or knife and others.

Never Use Poison to Kill Raccoons in Your Yard
It is true that you are almost desperate due to the problem raccoon has been causing in your home, but on know account should you use poison to kill raccoon in your yard. It can result to more problem and discomfort than you can ever imagine.

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