What Are Some Ways to Kill a Snake in the Yard?

Some see snakes as pets, but many other people do not share the idea of having snakes as pets; in fact, these set of people despise the animal a great deal and will, therefore, do anything to get rid of the snake by killing it. Not all snakes are poisonous, but no one can tell if that particular one in your yard is poisonous or not, except you are a snake expert or breeder. If you desire kill snakes in your yard and keep the place free from these annoying, scary, creeping animals, you can continue reading for information on how to kill them off.

Set lethal traps
One of the ways to kill snakes is to set lethal traps for them. There are several forms of lethal traps you can use for this purpose. If you do not want to kill the snake but only want to catch it alive, you can go for live catch trap after which you can kill the snake by yourself; never forget that the lethal trap may not kill the snake after catching it, leaving you to finish off the job. Injured snakes are very dangerous. They are angry and on the defensive; they can, therefore, bite anyone that comes near them when they are going through pain caused by the lethal trap. To avoid accidents when killing snakes, make sure you do it carefully

Use garden implement
You can also kill snakes in your yard using garden implements. It is a rudimentary and crude way to get things done, but it is also effective. However, this method of killing snakes may prove to be somewhat dangerous and inhumane. Whenever you see any snake in your garden or yard, simply get hold of any garden implement, like pitchfork or shovel and kill the snake. Make sure you target the head if you prefer to kill the snake this way; you can equally chop it into pieces. If you fail to kill the snake after the first blow, the injured and now angry animal may want to fight back.

Other methods that you can use in killing snakes are highlighted below:

• Shoot the snake: You should only try using this method if you are a very sharp shooter. Never attempt this is the use of rifles is not legal in your locality
• Poisoning the snake: Instead of any of the methods described above, you can also simply poison the snake to kill it. Some poisons only have to touch the skin of the snake to have the desired effect. What Are Some Ways to Kill a Snake in the Yard?

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