What are some ways to kill a squirrel in the yard?

Our yards contain a handful of inhabitants that can be beneficial or otherwise. Some of them are invisible to the naked eye such as parasites and some easily detected through their trail like our neighborhood squirrels. They enter through our backyards in several ways:

• Through jumping to trees close to each other
• Climbing up the fences
• Crossing from one electrical cable to another
• Entering through holes either on the soil or the fence Once they’re in and see your yard as a suitable home for their family, they will stay infinitely while leaving your garden such a mess daily. To be able to control their population growth behind your fence, you might want to consider one or all of the following tricks to eliminate squirrels in your backyard.

Squirrels are evident in backyards through their burrow system. In fumigation, gas cartridges are injected to the sealed holes to release a toxic vapor suffocating the squirrels to death. Fumigation will only work on moist soil so the gas will not escape the tiny crevices of the soil bed. Several fumigation exercises in a week’s time will greatly reduce the number of squirrels present in your backyard.

Anticoagulant bait
These are the commonly used to control squirrels on backyards and gardens. Anticoagulant bait can be in a form of cereal, pellets, or powder scattered to the soil, burrow opening, and areas where squirrels play around. For this kind of pest control to be effective, squirrels must ingest the bait at least every other feeding schedule per day for at least a week. It takes at least a few days for squirrels to be accustomed with this new element in their habitat before they try to taste it. Be sure to follow the package directions when using this type of squirrel eliminator and keep pets out of the garden.

Another trick that can be employed in your backyard is flooding. Flooding can be done through the insertion of a wide mouth hose to the holes of an active burrow system and simultaneously pumping water towards the underground canals. The objective of flooding is to drown squirrels inside and to disturb their food supply. Flooding should be done when most of the squirrels are on hibernation mode.

Trapping and shooting
This combination is the most laborious and time consuming way of killing squirrels. It involves setting up of cages, shooting the squirrel inside the cage, and disposing the body. Nevertheless, this is one surefire strategy that will reduce your garden squirrel count.

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