What Are Some Ways to Kill a Wild Animal in the Yard?

Peradventure you have wild animal infestation in your yard and wondering the best way to kill the animals, you are not to bother as you will get the answer on this site. There are so many ways to kill wild animals in the yard but most of the methods are inhumane. Also, some wild animals are protected by law which you need to confirm before going ahead to kill them through the methods that will be provided for you on this article.

Kill Wild Animal in the Yard with Lethal Trap

If you are looking to kill wild animal in the yard fast and without stress then you should consider lethal trapping as an option. Just bait your trap properly and the animals will be lured into the lethal trap to die there. If you are using lethal trap to kill wild animal in the yard, you should always check the trap every two days to avoid the animal dying and decaying in the trap to cause undesirable odor to you and your neighbors.

Catch the Animal in Yard with Cage Trap and Drawn It in Bucket of Water

If lethal trap is illegal in your area you can simply catch wild animal with humane or cage trap and kill it thereafter. Just transfer the wild animal from the cage to bag and then put it insider bucket of water making sure that the head is submerged into water for the animal to drawn in the water within few minutes. But, while doing this you must be careful not to get your hand close to the mouth so as to avoid bite from the dying wild animal in the cage.

Allow Hunting Dog to Hunt and Kill Wild Animal in the Yard

If you do not want to hunt just let your hunting dog lose to feast on the wild animals disturbing your yard. Make sure the dog is big and skillful enough to attack and kill any wild animal that may come out of your yard. You still need to protect the do when you discover large population of coyotes coming to your yard.

Kill Wild Animal in the Yard through Shooting

If any other killing method failed you have to try shooting the animal. One thing about shooting is that it normally guarantees instant death to animal mostly when the bullet land on the animal’s head.

What Are Some Ways to Kill a Wild Animal in the Yard?

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