Is it legal for me to trap a raccoon?

Many people worry about the legal status of trapping a raccoon. There are different aspects and purposes of catching raccoons. Some people catch them just for fun. Mostly people catch the raccoons because they get in their houses. In all these cases the rules and regulations matter and apply differently. All over the United States, it is considered perfectly legal to catch and kill a raccoon. However it is completely unlawful and against the rules to release the raccoon after catching in the state or in the places other than where it has been trapped.

Traps to be used for catching raccoons
There are basically two kinds of traps which are utilized to trap the raccoons. In case of live traps you have to catch the animal and then kill it by yourself. On the other hand if you do not want to use the live trap, then you should get a permit for trapping and killing it. Some people avoid for applying for a permit. In those cases they are not allowed to use any other traps other live traps for catching the raccoons. In case of using other kinds of traps, killing of the raccoon is done personally.

Setting the bait for raccoons
While capturing the raccoons and setting the traps for them, using the bait is very important. In case of raccoons, almost every food material can be used as the bait. Raccoons are not specific about food they eat. They can feed on every kind of food and leftover. In most of the cases, pet food, marshmallows, tuna and fruit can act as best baits for the raccoons. According to rule, the bait is always set at the area of entry of the trap. Some of it is also placed at the end of trap so that the raccoon can fully entered in the trap. After the rodent is trapped, then it is disposed of legally. In this case it is more suitable to call the animal control authorities. There are animal control experts in these authorities who know the methods for safe removal of these animals from the city and living areas. They have got a special training for removal and disposal of these kinds of animals. In case of personal disposal of the animal, it is advised to handle the animal with gloves and take the trap to wooded area so that the raccoon is released into the area far away from living.

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