Is it legal for me to trap a rodent?

Legal Rat Control Methods in the United States
Most jurisdictions in the USA allow people to trap rodents. Some jurisdictions even force people to kill rodents after trapping them. However, some jurisdictions have totally different laws on rodent control:

The District of Colombia. This American state allows you to trap rats, but it doesn’t allow you to kill them. If you catch a rodent in the District of Colombia, you must release it. You aren’t also allowed to use glue traps and snap traps in the District of Colombia.

All 50 States. All 50 states of the United States of the American prohibited employing dogs to hunt rodents.

Federal Government. The Federal Government of the United States allows the use of rat poison, but only the rat poisons packed in such a way that they aren’t accessible to children or pets.

Legal Rodent Control Methods in the European Union
The citizens of the European Union aren’t allowed to use rat poison to get rid of rats. However, professional wildlife removers in the European Union are the only ones allowed to use rat poison for getting rid of rodents.

In most of the countries of the European Union, you will be financially liable for killing neighboring pets with your rat traps if they get in touch with them.

Legal Rodent Control Methods in Canada
Some parts of Canada, such as Alberta, Yukon, and Nunavut are lucky enough for not ever being colonized by rodents.

Now, although rats and mice are an extremely rare occurrence in Canada these days, people in Canada are allowed to trap and kill rodents however they want.

Legal Rodent Control Methods in Australia
In Australia, you can find almost 60 different species of rodents. However, only the black and Norwegian rats found in Australia are invasive. Rodents in Australia often live in grain fields and in sugar cane fields. These rodents emerge to find Australian homes nearby after the harvest season.

Now, the Australian law regulations make a distinction between invasive rodents and native rodents. The Australian law only allows you to kill invasive rodents, which means you can only kill Norwegian rats and black rats on the territory of Australia. You aren’t allowed to kill other types of rodents in Australia besides those two types of rodents. If you kill a native rodent in Australia, you will be found financially liable for killing a native rat.

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