Will a strobing light or high pitch sound deterrent machine work on rodent?

Strobing Lights and High Pitch Sound Deterrent Machines - Effective or Not?
Mice or rats are irritating animals that human beings have been trying to eradicate for centuries and centuries now. These varmint animals can be found in both rural and urban areas of the world. In fact, rats and mice can thrive anywhere where humans are present.

Rats and mice are always in the search for a place in which they can settle that is abundant in food and water. Such places are attics, people’s homes, garages, sheds, and other places. Now, many people who have a rat or mice problem at their property use strobing lights or high pitch sound deterrent machines to get rid of rats. But, are such mechanical deterrents effective? Keep on reading this article to find that out.

Why People Deter Mice?
People were never fond of rodents such as rats and mice. Humans actually hate rats and mice because these animals spread a number of various diseases that can cause a lot of harm and that can sometimes be life-threatening. Rats and mice are also unhygienic animals that feed on our food and thereby make it inedible anymore. Rats also destroy the way how one’s property looks like because they sometimes invade trash cans and leave trash all over people’s yards.

Some serious diseases rats can spread onto humans include rabies, diarrhea, tick fever, leptopsirosis, and various dermatologic diseases. Mice and rats are also known to destroy plants and crops and they make millions of dollars of agricultural damage. This is why people use strobing lights and high pitch sound machines to get rid of mice and rats.

Strobing Light and Mice
There are various machines on the market that emit strobing light for the purpose of getting rid of mice. These strobing light machines turn on anytime a mice or a rat approaches it. However, are such machine repellents effective in getting rid of mice? No, they aren’t because mice and rats are intelligent animals and they can get used to them.

Ultrasonic High Pitch Sound Machine and Mice
People also use ultrasonic high pitch sound machines that emit high pitch sound to get rid of rats. However, such people don’t know that high pitch machines aren’t effective in getting rid of mice.

Mice and rats produce high pitch sounds themselves so high pitch sound machines won’t scare them.

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