What Is the Best Material to Exude Bats?

If you have serious bat infestation, one of the approved and effective methods is exclusion. There are two things that matters when it comes to bat exclusion and these are the materials used and the way they are installed. If you use finest material without installing it perfectly you will still not get the result you have wanted. But, if good material and install it perfectly, you will stand chance of getting the result you need without wasting time. But, it is important to know that the best time for bat exclusion is just in the night time if you want to enjoy permanent solution to your bat infestation.

¼ Inch Poly Netting Bat Exclusion Device
You need good bat netting designed with small hole that will not allow the bats to stick when they want to fly out. You need to display an art here as you must shape the ¼ inch net in a perfect way that the bats can follow it to fly out without being able to return back to the house through the same net. Make sure there are no obstructions on the way as that can prevent them from leaving the house.

Window Screen
The ordinary window screen can make good devices for exuding bat from your house successfully. Make sure you fix it properly in order to get the result you want. You can use this with combination of other materials like staple gun, dust tape and others. Also, make sure you use window screening on small gap that is nearby to flat surfaces. Just ensure there are not gaps between the window screen edges so as to avoid the bat from getting in through them.

You can equally make use of one-way funnel exclusion material to exudates bat from your home peacefully. The funnel can be made of different materials including ¼ inch poly steel screening and others. The purpose of this is to only create an exit point without any entry point to the bat after going out of the house.

Bat Cones
You can also form this special funnel with tapered body when you want to exude bat from your home. The bat cones are also made with attachment wings giving the bats opportunity to move out of the house without being able to move in again. You can buy these materials from the internet or from the hardware store near you.

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