How to get rid of mold in the attic

Mold growing in your attic can be an unsightly scene that you would not write home about. However before you jump into conclusion you need to be sure it is mold you are dealing with. So be sure before you get into the removing bit that it is, indeed, mold you are looking at. Discoloring of attic roof and change of paint pigmentation should be ruled out first.

Why you need to remove mold from your attic

  • Mold generally leads to a degeneration of your home. Left unchecked it will spread slowly but surely into the rest of your home.
  • It can cause a couple of health risks. Like skin and lung irritations especially to people who are allergic to mold dust. People whose immune systems are compromised stand a higher risk of life threatening lung infections.
What causes mold in the attic?

Generally, a poorly ventilated attic is fertile ground for a mold infestation. Coupled with that is the presence of moisture from whatever quarters into the attic. It could be a leaking roof, or steam through vent shafts that are not properly insulated to avoid leakage. Whatever the reason, you need to get rid of the mold.

How to remove it

Sanding- you can use hand sanding tools or power sanding tools. The idea is to scrap away the entire mold from the surface. Ensure to use an anti-microbial substance to ensure that it will not grow back. It is imperative that the sanding is done thoroughly, leaving no surface untouched. Remember to vacuum as you scrub or brush away. Removal- you can remove the surfaces that have mold growing on them permanently and replace them with new surfaces. This therefore involves replacing the original surfaces.

Dry ice blasting- this entails blasting at surfaces that have been encroached with frozen carbon dioxide. This is a great way to get to surfaces which are hard to reach. However, you will need financial clout to do this.

Media blasting- this too involves blasting the surface with different media like sand, walnut particles etc. The down side of using this method is the cost related to it and it may scratch into your surfaces.

Final thought

The easiest way to ensure you do not have to deal with mold again is by ensuring the attic is full time dry and well ventilated. Ensure you fix all water leakages that may be causing the problem into your attic. Driers and steam vents should be fixed in a way that ensures no steam goes up into your attic.

How to get rid of mold in the attic

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