What is a mole hill?

A mole hill is a conical mound of loose soil raised by a small animal that lies underneath and stays there. Mole hill indicate the presence of a burrowing animal in the area and therefore, you will need to take care of the animal immediately. Molehills can cause very many side effects in so far as the beauty and the prestige you hold for the lawn is concerned.

Are moles the only one that causes burrowing?
No! Not only have the moles had that caused burrowing. There are other animals that live underground that will do the burrowing and cause the molehills. An area could even be infested by more than one type of these burrowers. The animals responsible for burrowing are;

• Mole-rats.
• Marsupial moles.
• Voles.

These are all the categories of the animals that could be burrowing the area that you are living in. Therefore; you need to know exactly the animal causing the burrowing.

What exactly forms the molehills?
There are several things that encompass the molehills. But most of the molehills are made of the waste materials from the underground tunnels. Therefore, this means that the molehills are very fertile and very nutritious, although they will make your lawn so ugly.

Why do molehills occur?
There are a lot of things that will make the molehills to occur. These are;

• When the underground creature are establishing the new tunnel.
• When the moles are repairing an underground tunnel.
• Where the existing tunnel of the mole is torn down or damaged.

All this are factors that will necessitate formation of the molehills.

Mole tunnels
Moles will entirely live underground in a series of tunnels and inter connecting tunnels. The tunnels are very many and the most fascinating thing about these tunnels is that the moles know each tunnel and its function and where it leads to.

Another thing is that the moles will create a series of shallow tunnels just below the surface where they can capture the worms and other invertebrates. The main tunnels where the animal will establish its main palace is located very deep underground. Therefore if you need to trap the animal consider setting the trap very deep underground. The main tunnels are usually found;

• Lines along the route of the burrow.
• The edges of the short sided tunnels.

These are the common place where the tunnels are found.

Molehills and the mole tunnels are very much connected. Therefore, where the mole hill is, possibilities of finding a tunnel are very high.

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