Mole prevention tips

Moles are active diggers with their trowel like claws. They will dig very large tracts of land causing massive destruction. They normally will dig in search for food which comes as either earthworms, grubs, or other insects that live underground.

Visible signs of the moles at your lawn
There are many signs that you as an individual can look at to tell whether you are dealing with moles at your lawn. These are;

• Cone-shaped hills on the lawn.
• Raised ridges on the lawn.
• Dead vegetation matter on the lawn.
• Brown patches of grass on the lawn.

All this are signs that can predict to you the presence of the moles on your lawn. Moles can be very dangerous and there you will need to eradicated them and get rid of them. But instead of killing them while still on your lawn, you can do something to prevent them from accessing your lawn. The following methods can be used to prevent the moles from accessing your lawn. These are;

• Soil modification.
• Food source elimination.
• Biological methods.
• Use of underground fences.

These are the methods and the means by which one could use to completely prevent the moles from accessing his/her lawn.

Soil modification
Well understanding the nature of the soil through which the moles live in is a powerful weapon that you can use against them. They like moist soil. Therefore, if you can b able to make the soil very dry, then their stay at your lawn will be very intolerable. Moles cannot live in dry, heavy and compacted soils and therefore, they will tend to go away where the soil is in this condition. Running a roller your soil will help you make the soils compacted. Also reducing the rate and frequency of the incoming water to your lawn might help you solve the mole problem.

Food source elimination
Food is an attractive factor of the moles to your lawn and if you find that you have a lot of them in your lawn then know that food is plenty. Eliminating the food out from the lawn might help you solve the problem. To eliminate the food, consider treating the grubs in your lawn with insecticides. This will kill the food and the mole will have nothing to come for.

Biological methods
This involves the use of plants to repel the moles. You can use the castor bean plant though it is very poisonous to animals and humans. It has a repelling effect. If you are not comfortable with planting this plant, consider using the castor oil.

You should also consider putting up a fence to keep these burrowers away. Install the fencing material and make sure it goes deep underground. This might help to keep away the moles.

Before it is too late to control the moles, make sure you protect yourself from this animals by following the few simple steps.

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