Mole repellants

There are many mole repellants that have been established and believed that they work to keep the moles away. Some people claim that these chemicals work while others say that the chemicals do not. Which side are you? After going through this article you will tell which side you will be. The repellants include;

• Natural repellant methods.
• Store-bought methods.

Natural repellants
There are many types of the natural repellants that the manufacturers have used as their repellant option. They claim that the repellants have been made out of the natural ingredients and it is very true that they have. Many natural repellants work on the basis of smell. Powerful odor is supposedly said to push away the moles and the voles. But in truth, they do this only for a short period of time.

The most commonly used natural repellant is the castor oil and for ages, it has proved to be very ineffective. Moles get used to the smell and nothing actually happens. The disadvantages of this natural repellants are;

• They do not work at all.
• They attract the moles instead of repelling them.
• They are very expensive.
• Some can be very dangerous to the pets and the children.

These are just some of the very many disadvantages that these so called natural repellants have. Therefore, in so far as the mole control is concerned, the natural repellants are just a waste of time, energy and resources.

Store-bought chemicals
These are the chemicals that are made from the inorganic material and very dangerous chemicals made in the laboratory. The chemistry behind their working is that they coat the earthworms and the grubs which happen to the moles main source of food. When the moles consume the food that is already affected with these chemicals, the result is that they will definitely go away to other place to search for food. This is a very big and fat lie that the manufactures use to manipulate people to buy their products. They are ineffective as;

• The moles will start to aggressively dig to find food.
• Cause the lawn to look very ugly due to aggressive burrowing.
• They destroy the earthworms making the soil aeration very difficult.
• Soil becomes very infertile.

These demerits should point to you the reasons why you should not use these products as a control condition.

Repellants, both the natural and the store bought repellants are very ineffective. Instead of bringing in benefits, they cause more destruction to the lawn and that is why you should never use them.

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