Mole trapping

Mole trapping can be a very difficult task considering the fact that you are dealing in something that you are not seeing. Therefore, this makes it very difficult to trap the animal. However, there are very many methods that have been put forward to trap the animal. Some will catch the animal dead or alive, which I think is not normally an issue.

Methods of trapping
To begin with, there are no such things as the live traps for the moles. This is so because, the moles live underground and no one has ever developed a live trap to catch the moles. However there are other methods that will deliver the mole to you dead. These are;

• Spear traps.
• Scissors traps.
• Paper clip traps.

These are the most common method that one could use to completely get rid of the moles out from his/her lawns.

Spear traps
These traps are just a set on top of an active surface tunnel. How to set this trap is very simple, you just need to squish the tunnel down and set the spear trap on top. This should be coupled with a trigger pan set against the dirt. The action takes place in this format, the moles crawls in the tunnel and pushes the squish down area open. This in turns pushes the trigger pan making the spears to slam downwards. You can imagine what happens to the mole.

Scissors traps
This are sets over an active surface tunnel. Their working is so magnificent and not like the spears trap that may cause a very slow death to the animal. Scissors traps cause sudden death to the mole as the traps have blades on both sides of the tunnel. When the moles crawl through the tunnel, it triggers off the trap causing the blades to cut across immediately. This causes very quick death to the moles.

Paper clip traps
These traps are actually set down inside the main tunnel where the moles pass through. They are usually set on a back to back mode with each set facing on the outside. The chemistry behind the working of the trap is that when the moles crawls inside the traps on either side of the trap, they hit a pin holding the paper clip trap. This opens it causing the pin to slip and the trap to slam shut killing the animal.

Those are just some of the trapping methods that one can use to catch the animals. Therefore, do not let the moles bother you again.

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