Do Rats Carry Rabies?

Do you have monkeys coming around your property, garden, farm and other parts? Are you thinking of the possible problems monkeys cause for people so as to avoid them completely. Is there problem caused by a wild animal and you are thinking whether monkey is the cause? The truth is that monkeys cause several damages to people. So, it is important that you do not even allow them to come around your property so as to avoid damages that will break your heart.

Monkeys can cause disease to people
Monkeys are known to carry several kinds of disease and they have high tendency of transferring the disease to human. They carry B virus, which is also known to affect human negatively. In fact, among other things monkeys cause for people, infecting them with Herpesvirus is the most common. This disease can be transmitted to people through several means including bite, splash to the mucous membrane or scratch. These are the things that made it important for you to avoid going too close to monkey when you find them anywhere around your property.

Monkeys can eat up things in the garden
Monkeys are of different species and each of the species is known to cause different kinds of disease and other damages. Some monkeys are known to specialize on damaging things in the garden and farms through uprooting plants, eating up crops and others. They are also known to eat up corn in the farm before they will mature causing serious loss to people. In fact, monkeys are known to cause tremendous damages to people.

Monkeys have tendency to Bite Pets
Majority of people have complained of their pets being bitten by monkeys that invaded their homes. The issues with monkeys biting pets are that it usually results to serious infection and transfer of diseases. So, to avoid suffering the same fate it is important that you keep your home from monkey infestation. How then can you keep your home from monkeys? You can do that by removing the possible attractants around your property and home.

Avoid anything that can attract monkeys to your property
There are whole lots of things that can attract monkeys to your property and other part of your homes. The first thing is the closeness of your house to bushes around. Also, when you backyard has lots of tall trees here and there, monkeys will likely jump from one brand of the trees to another till they get to your house to cause damages.

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