Do mothballs or ammonia help repel rodents?

The First Line of Defense
Having a mice invasion in the attic is a nightmare come true to many people while having a rat infestation in the attic can sometimes make a person escape its house. This tells us how much mice invasions are scary and how we should do everything to prevent rodents from entering our home.

Now, people who are brave enough to deal with the mice or rats in their home use natural or chemical mice repellents against them as their first line of defense. But, are chemical mice repellents such as ammonia and mothballs really effective in getting rid of rats, mice, and other critters? You will find that out in the lines that follow so continue with reading this informative text.

Mothballs and Mice
People use mothballs to get rid of mice because of their availability and low price. But, are they effective in getting rid of mice, rats, and other rodents? The short answer to that question is no. Mothballs won’t get rid of the mice for you. Don’t buy them no matter how affordable their price is because they won’t be helpful at all in your mice control.

Mothballs are called mothballs for a reason. If they worked against the mice, they would be called miceballs, right? And know what? Mothballs are extremely dangerous because your kid or pet may unknowingly eat them when you place them around your home for the purpose of mice prevention.

Ammonia and Mice
The main reason why people use ammonia in getting rid of mice is the strong smell of ammonia for which they believe will chase the mice away. However, is the smell of ammonia that strong to make a mouse go nuts and leave your home despite the abundance of food in it? The short answer to that question is no.

Look, the truth is that mice have a strong sense of smell and that you may think that because of their strong sense of smell they will get repelled by the smell of ammonia. However, they won’t get repelled by the smell of ammonia. These animals adapted to a wide range of foul and disgusting smells much stronger and disgusting than the smell of ammonia. So don’t opt for buying ammonia and placing it around your home if you have mice infestation going on in your home.

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