Do mothballs or ammonia help repel armadillos?

Many people would ask, does mothballs and ammonia really help in repelling armadillos.We have tried throwing mothballs and ammonia to these small digging machines, so let us try to find out the answer here.

First, we have to find out what mothballs are and what its content are:

• These are small balls of chemical pesticides.
• Consist of naphthalene, however, this chemical was found out to be flammable so instead of using this, it was replaced by par dichlorobenzene nowadays.
• Ingredients can cause severe health issues when inhaled for a long time.

Next, let us know about what ammonia is:

• A compound of nitrogen and hydrogen.
• A colorless gas with a sharp smell.
• Categorized us a risky chemical substance that it strictly monitored when being produced or stored.

Are mothballs and ammonia armadillo repellents?
The answer to everyone’s confrontational question is no. Just no. Neither mothballs nor ammonia is repellents to an armadillo. We might belittle these small digging machines but what we do not know is that they were also clever. They will refrain from ingesting mothballs and accidentally poisoning themselves so the tendency is that, they will just brush it off and shrug.

Why is it ineffective?
Now that we know what mothballs and ammonia are, we can now identify if these are indeed effective as an armadillo repellent. While we may be aware that armadillos have an enhanced sense of smell, it will not affect them in any way by throwing these chemicals at them. They will likely just dig on the other side of the area that does not have ammonia and mothballs. So no, as difficult as it may seem, it would not work despite the fact that it has a strong chemical content.

No one has ever figured out why but unfortunately, these are just ineffective to this kind of wildlife. This may also just cause harm to our environment specifically, if it was put on a solid ground. So let us do our best to avoid it since it will not work in the first place.

Another dispute for this is that, we may also inadvertently harm our family and pets. Mothballs and ammonia left scattered all over our area may cause our innocent children to play with it and may also eat it. Thus, instead of poisoning the wildlife, it will only cause hazard to our life.

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