Do Mothballs or Ammonia Help Repel Bats?

Bats in general love to crawl into safe and protected place when they want to rest. The places include vent, eaves, tight gaps, and enclosed spaces. That is the reason why they always love to inhabit human buildings and locate safe places like ceilings, attic, wall gaps and others. If you have bat infestation in your home and wondering what to do, it is important for you to avoid accepting the general myth that one can get rid of bats with repellents like mothballs and others. You will learn more about mothballs and bat in this article so as to avoid accepting the myth that can cost you money.

What You Need To Know About Mothballs
When you check the internet for pest and wild animal removal repellent, one of the options you will find is mothball. Most people believe that since mothball work for one mammal then it can work for all. But that is just a lie as it does not work that way. Bat in particular does not get repelled from a place just before there is mothball.

Mothball Is Not Registered For Use to Repel Bat
One question you need to ask when you want to know whether particular repellent can offer you the solution you want is about the registration of the product application. The repellent you want to buy for pest or wild animal must be registered for that particular pest or animal. That will be a sound proves that the product has been confirmed okay to repel such animal. So, since mothball application is not registered to repel bat there will be not need to spend your money trying what will not work.

Mothball Will Not Prevent Bat from Inhabiting Your Attic or Any Other Part of Your Home
There is no proven information about relationship between mothball and bat. So, you can choose another repellent or another removing method to your bat infestation as mothballs do not have much effect to bat.

Never Waste Your Money Hire a Pest Control to Remove Bats in Your Home
It will not be good for you to continue spending money on what will not work out required result needed. That is why you should rather contact a professional pest control in your area instead of relying on mothball to repel bat. The professional pest control expert will k

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