Do mothballs or ammonia help repel raccoons?

Raccoons are basically very cute and innocent looking animals and they are especially very cute when you look them in the woods or away from your house. However if you find any of these in your attic or in the yard ruining your garden or chewing up your pet’s feed, then all the cuteness goes away and fury takes the place of love. The ultimate solution to avoid the damage caused by raccoons is to get rid of them. When the raccoons are fund anywhere in the house, they are considered nothing but pests and thought to be spreading germs and infestations and causing damage to your property. Well that is true in the real sense. Raccoons do cause a considerable damage to the property and it is better to adopt certain ways which could either deter or kill them so that may keep away from your property.

Why it is necessary to repel raccoons
Although raccoons seem to be very innocent creatures but they can be very dangerous at times. Raccoons have got very sharp teeth and sharp and long claws. Raccoons have sharp teeth, long claws and strong fingers; including an opposable thumb. Moreover these animals are very much intelligent. Due to these features they can access any part of your house and can cause a great deal of damage to your property. Raccoons can be a source of natural nuisance in your house and all these reasons make it necessary to repel and get rid of raccoons from the house.

Techniques to repel raccoons
The wildlife removal experts and professionals have come up with a number of options to help remove the wild creatures and rodents like squirrels raccoons and other such animals from your house. It is always better to devise a plan before adopting any technique and then sticking to it. However it is also equally important to choose the right option and right technique having a huge success rate. Many people go for adopting the physical methods for removing the raccoons like carrying out their exclusion, finding out their nests and then relocating the whole family in case of baby raccoons. Usually some people go for applying the moth balls or ammonia for repelling the raccoons but that is not at all helpful. The only repelling chemical for raccoons is the eviction fluid.

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