Do Mothballs Or Ammonia Help Repel Rats?

We always look for the simple and cheapest solutions to the rat menace at homes. Naturally, we go for the contemptible solution first before using complex and expensive means. These techniques you use will either keep the rodents away temporarily or permanently. There are many excellent 100% effective natural rat deterrents besides sealing all the entry holes in a building. Sealing the holes in attics, basements and kitchen is the most effective way. Traps and other repellants will work for a while but that will not prevent others from coming in.

Are mothballs effective?
This old-fashioned rodent repellent is easy to find in the market today. It is cheap to make, and easy to sell. Naphthalene, the chemical name, is sold to unsuspecting gullible consumers. These balls are carcinogenic to human. They are less effective since rodents never bother about them. Besides poisoning the environment, rats will still run around even with 100 pounds of the product put in strategic places. In short, the mothballs don’t work.

How about ammonia repellents?
Just like the mothballs, ammonia is not a rodent deterrent, if not, a mild one. The reason it is used in many households is because of its smell. The very awful smell around the rodents make them think that there is a predator around them. If the rats realize that there is no predator around, they will still live within their comfort zones. A rat cannot leave its territory to an unprecedented territory as its chances of survival will be nil, hence bad smell cannot be a cause of relocation.

What are the other exterminator options?
Peppermint oil is somewhat an efficient method recommended by experts. Most people use the peppermint extracts instead of the oil. Extracts don’t work the magic like the oil. The smell is the effective repellant when soaked in cotton buds and placed at the denning areas. Ultrasonic or sonic devices can be plugged to the wall and emit sonic signals that drive rats away.

How to get rid of rats
• Inspect the entire building for entry holes, as small as 1/2 inch.
• Seal the holes shut with steel mesh or a none chewable item
• Set wooden snap traps either with the baits or not, location is critical.
• Remove trapped bodies then and re-set the traps.

Rat poison can work but can cause other problems in cases of rotting bodies. The repellant gimmicks never work, otherwise try glue-boards. Clean and disinfect the denning areas after the extermination exercise.

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