Do mothballs or ammonia help repel skunks

Apparently the skunks are very innocent looking animals but they can be very much dangerous especially when it comes to studying their defensive modes. These animals can prove to be very harmful for both the humans as well as their pets if they enter in the houses and build their nests over there. When they enter in your house, they can destroy every structure right from the garden, plants and pet food to the living portions and attic of the roof. The most common and prominent damage cause by skunks to the property is the damage of porch and shed areas where these animals are most likely to build their nests and roost with their babies. After all this damage the skunks only seem to be cute and innocent in the woods far away from the humans. The ultimate way which is left is to get rid of these animals as soon as possible so that your property and pets can be saved from their germs and fury.

In this regard it seems reasonable to apply certain repellents in your house which can make these animals repel and in this way they do not come near the property or pets.

Repelling the skunks
Skunks are very dangerous animals because they spray the stinky and somewhat poisonous fluid when they feel threatened or are surrounded by the predators. The same practice is seen to be observed by the skunks when they get into the domestic properties and when people try to repel them or threaten them away, they retaliate by spraying the fluid and sometimes also react by biting if they are provoked. Although raccoons seem to be very innocent creatures but they can be very dangerous at times. Therefore it is very important to repel them from entering into the domestic properties so that they may not cause any harm especially to the pets and to children living in the houses.

Mothballs as skunks repellents
Many people suggest using mothballs as repellents for skunks but the experiments have proved that mothballs are not at all effective in removing the skunks or in keeping them away from property or garden or pets. Even the wildlife removal experts are also of the view that mothballs do not have that much strong smell which can make the skunks run away or avoid going to certain places. Therefore one has to look for certain other alternatives in order to repel skunks from one’s property.

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