What should I do if I find a nest of squirrels in the attic?

There are over 260 species of squirrels in the world. The most common species are the red and grey. All squirrels usually seek a suitable place to hide from mammals and raise their young. They can set up residence in tree holes and dark places such as the attic. If your attic is a host to these creatures then you will want to get rid of their noise and the damage they might cause to your property. The following is a guide for removing them from your attic.

Contact a local wildlife control professional
Your best shot at successfully eradicating the squirrels is through the services of a hired professional. Wildlife controllers are prepared with the equipment and ample experience needed to effectively clear a squirrel invasion. In a case where there are no wildlife controllers in your area then you will have to do the job yourself. You can do this by manually setting up traps or repelling them.

Using traps
There are three types of trap mechanism, that is;

• Body grip traps
• Repeat live cage traps
• Single animal live cage traps

Body grip traps are lethal spring loaded devices that are able to snap when triggered by a moving squirrel, killing it instantly. They are dangerous and not the best option. Cage traps on the other hand are equipped with doors that allow the squirrel to get in and no way out. The animals are caught alive and can be relocated.

One-way exclusion doors
These are the most preferred way to control squirrels by most DIY homeowners. They are basically designed as cages that only allow entrance of the target and no exit. It is important to note that it is illegal to hold wild animals for more than 48 hours. Once you have caught them it is best to relocate them at least 10 miles from the capture site. You can alternatively use repellents in to chase the animals.

Types of repellents and how they work
Some of common repellents used are;

• Ammonia
• Repellent pellets
• Repellent sprays
• Light
• Noise Use of repellents is not guaranteed to work since wildlife will tolerate some of them in order to continue thriving.

Preventive measures
If you have successfully managed to clear the squirrels from the attic it is important to prevent future infestations by observing the following:

• Perform regular inspection in the attic and your property
• Eliminate entry and exit points
• Trim trees that may contain branches that link animals to the house
• Use deterrents

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