What Should I Do If I Find A Nest Of Wild Animals In The Attic?

Depending on the season of the year when you want to remove wild animal in the attic, and the wild animal species, you can easily spot nest of wild animal. Most wild animals prefer to make their nest of babies inside the attic due to the warmness, security and protection they normally enjoy there. Also, attic is not where homeowners normally frequent which made wild animal to consider it a safe place to make their babies during the breeding season. So, what are you suppose to do when you find nest of wild animal in your attic?

Remove the Nest of Babies with Hand

It is not unlikely for you to find nest of wild animal in your attic mostly if you are trying to remove the animal during their breeding season. For that reason, you should not panic or wonder why the nest is in there. What you should do is to confirm if there are babies in the nest and remove them with hand. Destroy the nest and take the babies out. But you must ensure the mother wild animal is not inside to void getting a bite or scratch.

Try To Reunite the Babies with the Mother

Now you have found nest of wild animal with babies in your attic, try as much as you can to reunite the baby to the mother. To increase the chance of reuniting the baby wild animal with the mother make sure you provide the babies with warming pad which will help their body to remain warmth. If the mother of the wild animal babies is around it will come in the evening time to collect the babies where you keep them.

Kill the Babies to Avoid Them Suffering Starvation and Dehydration

If you have tried so hard and waiting for a long time without getting the mother wild animal to come and claim the babies, you go ahead and kill the babies to end their suffering. Allowing the babies to remain alive can result to serious suffering, starvation and dehydration. That is why you should help them end their suffering.

Clean Up Your Attic and Remove Attractive Source to the Animal in the Attic

Now you have removed the nest of wild animal and babies you should make your attic unattractive for them to inhabit again. Remove the things that attracted the wild animals into the attic in the first place, cut down the tree branch touching your roof through which the animals get into your attic and keep your environment clean.

What Should I Do If I Find A Nest Of Wild Animals In The Attic?

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