What is a one-way exclusion door?

One way exclusion doors are doors that ensure an animal gets out of a certain area but is no longer able to get back into the building or the area.

What animals can one use exclusion doors with?

Generally exclusion doors are used on any animal that may not have the knowledge or ability to destroy it and get back into the building. As a general rule, you can use exclusion doors on most rodents for instance: rats, larger animals like skunks and foxes can be barred from getting into the building. Exclusion doors can be made as small as possible, making it possible to exclude even bees.

How do they work?

Generally exclusion doors are built in a way that allows the animal to leave comfortably and find it hard to get back in. Measurements for different exclusion doors vary depending on the animal in question. Most of them are built in a conical shape. The wider side of the door is attached to the main entrance of the building you wish to exclude them from, while the narrow side leads to the outside. When the animal leaves the building, it squeezes out through the entrance, but getting back into the building becomes hard as it cannot squeeze itself back through the entrance.

Why use exclusion doors?

• They are the most humane way to control animal’s form coming into your home or getting into your buildings.
• They are easy to construct.
• They are cheap (when you opt to buy).
• Set up is easy. Most of the time you are able to do it yourself without the need to employ the services of an expert.
• They are environmentally friendly. This means you do not hurt the environment in any way when you use. They are also safe for your pets as no chemicals or poisons are involved.
• They are Safe. Unlike some traps like snap traps, you and your family do not risk getting hurt when handling them.

Final thoughts

While many methods are used for rodent control, exclusion doors are one of the best methods as they are long term measures and are the most humane ways to keep rodents off your house or buildings. With time, rodents simply stop trying to get into your building. While other methods may be temporary, for instance use of chemicals, once you install your doors you can leave them in place permanently.

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