Are opossums dangerous to cats, dogs, or other pets?

An opossum might scare anyone off especially if they are terrified of big rats. Sometimes, the mere sight of the very sharp incisors makes small children run towards their moms. But in some houses, these critters are quite free to live with the whole family (including other pets). What danger does an opossum possibly bring to all, particularly if there is a cat or dog in the household?

The disadvantage

As much as some people find their antics so adorable, an opossum can bite your little pets if they get into a brawl. These critters can be a source of rabies too, so maybe your cats and dogs should stop sharing their plate with an “outsider”. Opossums belong in the woodland that’s why there is no reason for them to stay longer in any home.

• Your household will be exposed to bacteria and parasites
• It would be difficult to raise a malnourished possum
• These animals have the tendency to become obese if overfed
• Possums are prone to develop cataracts as they mature

Long term and short term effect

Even if a mother abandons her baby possums, it is highly recommended to turn them over to an animal rehab instead of raising the babies as one of your pets. These animals have different nutritional requirements that even the most excellent pet food won’t be able to sustain. As these baby possums get older, they will start looking for snails, rats and mice because they are omnivorous by nature.
• Opossums have very short lifespan
• Adopting one will only bring heartbreak
• This type of animal can die in as short as 3 years
• An opossum is disposed to several types of illnesses

The essence of “not sharing”

Your own pet’s nutrition will also be compromised because opossums can snatch anything you have set aside for your cat or dog. If they don’t get enough food inside the house, they will go outside and eat whatever you have in the yard (Fruits, berries, veggies, etc.). Is this the kind of pet worth keeping? Maybe not.

Final thoughts

Perhaps you’ve heard about the opossum’s clever way of faking its own death. At least for a couple of hours. It’s not unusual to find one hanging by a tree and think that it’s dead because they are not moving. But there’s really nothing to worry about because it’s part of their geneticmakeup. Or maybe it’s just their way of sending out a message that they want to be left alone.

Are opossums dangerous to cats, dogs, or other pets?

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