What should I do if I find an orphaned baby skunk wandering about?

Skunks are known for their very smelly farts, their defense against any predators. Although you might not have a very special attachment to skunks, I doubt many would actually ignore another abandoned life if it still has a chance of living. So, just in case you actually found an orphaned baby skunk wandering about, here is what you should do:

If the baby skunk is out of its burrow for quite a time on its own, it is likely orphaned. If you have confirmed this, try to find its litter first. It must be that it also has littermates that need care. Plus a single skunk has little chance of survival without other skunks. If you cannot find any then go to a vet or a center for animals, you might find other skunks there for your baby skunk to mingle with. To provide adequate care for your skunk foundling make sure to know its age first. A chart could be found in vet clinics.

Orphan skunks are most often than not malnourished, cold, and dehydrated as baby skunks do not usually wander around if they are comfortable. You must first warm the skunk and then offer room temperature rehydration solution such as pedialyte found in drug stores. You must feed the skunk little by little every few hours. After this you can feed your baby skunk Ebsilac powder found in vet clinics. Remember DO NOT FEED YOUR BABY SKUNK THE FOLLOWING: BABY FORMULA, COW’S MILK, GOAT’S MILK AND THE LIKES. The said products would most likely kill the baby skunks.

The skunks housing requirements would vary as it grows. If it is still a baby, as long as it is warm then nothing else matters. However as it grows, it would be ideal to train it to live outside to prepare it for its release. Skunks are not ready to be released until it reached 16 weeks. Before releasing it however, train it first. You can put it in a wire mesh cage and put it outside. It is important to note that you are absolutely discouraged to have your skunk mingle with your other house pets as it would think it that dogs and cats among others are not dangerous at all

Or if you do not want the hassle of taking care of it yourself you can just bring it to the nearest animal rescue cent

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