Will a pest control company remove a pigeon?

For most pests, there are normally pest control companies that take the responsibilities of removing this pest from your houses. So even if you might not know how exactly to handle pigeons as pests in your home, then there is no need to worry. However, it is important to note that they may not handle the problem as well when using poison. So what are the activities that these pests control companies would engage in their bid to remove these pests.

• Visits your home and observe where the problem is after which they will advise the most feasible course of action.

There are normally a number of reasons that you would want to keep pigeons away as they pose risks such as: health risks like spreading salmonella, encourage infestations of insects just to mention but a few. So what happens is that the company comes to your home where they take a look at the pigeon situation and depending with how serious the issue is, the advocate a particular action.

• Remove the pigeons from your premises.

Depending with the conclusion they have made as the best way to remove the pigeons, then they go to action. These ways could include Trapping by use of live cages, virtual means, odor approach or the physical approach which is normally used in most cases. In this physical approach, it basically entails preventing the birds from staying in that particular area by making the place uncomfortable for them. This could be by covering the area with a bird net and adding spikes on to it to prevent landing. The upgrading of this set up depends on what the company sees best, either a noise, peach or yet still odor repellant. Most companies would normally take the humane method that eliminates the approach of killing. This is solely to the fact that most of the birds are normally protected by the law and killing is going against the law. The pest control companies normally incorporate the use of the latest control products and technology coupled with the knowledge and skills of their experts to ensure that your expectations are met.

• Advice on the best strategy that will act as a control measure.

After they have solved the issue of actually removing them, the company advices on the best control measures to ensure that the pigeons do not return to your premises…This makes the whole package worth it as you do not have to worry about the pigeons for a good amount of time.

• Conclusion

It is a fact that there are pest control companies that have focused in getting rid of pigeons. It is, however, true that the company may not understand problem as well as you do. If you are able to eradicate them yourself, then this may be more effective.

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