Will a Pest Control Company Remove a Raccoon?

Raccoons are generally intelligent and very curious. They also turn out to be very mischievous as they forage for food. The fact that they have easily adapted to living in urban areas particularly within homes makes it necessary that you guard against them at all costs. This is particularly true in case you live in an area known to have raccoons.

Signs that there are raccoons nearby
There are a number of signs that should serve to alert you of presence of raccoons in your area of in your home. Raccoons eat varied foods including vegetables and fruits. You are likely to find all your vegetables and fruits eaten and vegetation destroyed. You are also likely to find your trash cans tipped over in the mornings. It is also possible to find structural damages on your house as they try to access your attic where they can easily set up a den. It is also necessary that you undertake regular inspection around your home for raccoon fecal droppings and tracks.

Prevention of Raccoon infestation
Any sign of presence of raccoons in your area or home calls for a serious need to protect your home against infestation. This you can do in several ways.

• Invest in trash cans that make it difficult for raccoons to forage for food. They should ideally have tight-fitting lids.
• Secure your chimney and attic to make it difficult for raccoons to access to set up a den.
• Set up non-lethal traps in your garden to capture the raccoons in case they venture into the garden.
• Remove or protect any water body within your compound especially at night.

Removing Raccoons
It may be possible that raccoons have already set up their den in your attic even as you try to protect your home against infestation. The fact that raccoons are already in your attic makes it necessary to seek professional help. This is because raccoons are wild animals and you may not have knowledge on how to handle them. Furthermore, raccoons are carriers of rabies, which is a deadly disease. This requires professional input.

Although raccoons are considered as pests, engaging the service of a pest control company is not appropriate. This is because pest control companies deal with insects. The companies mostly use insect repellants and other chemicals that have no impact on raccoons.

Removing raccoons from your attic requires the service of companies that are well equipped to handle wild animals. You have the option of contacting your city or county animal services office or animal services company for help.

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