Will a pest control company remove a snake?

Snakes are quite shy and less friendly reptiles that avoid humans. But what of a snake enters your house? Or there is some snake bite incident? Government has built many centers and companies to cater such issues and accidents. One such company is pest control.

• Responsibly of pest control companies:

Pest control companies are there to control insects and bugs. They usually have some sprays and poisons that are used to control invertebrates. Since snakes are large animals and do not count as invertebrates, pests companies don’t cater such issues.

• Methods of pests control company:

The methods and sprays/poisons that pests control company have are not used to catch snakes. Pests are controlled by medicines and chemicals. These chemicals kill their eggs and insects. As the result, the growth of bugs and other insects decreases. These poisons are mild and have different affect in case of a snake. Snakes have different skin and these chemicals don’t react on them. Moreover, killing a snake from a medicine or spray may not be a good idea as snake can react more furiously and do harm to people.

• Team training:

Calling a pests control company in order to remove a snake is total waste of time. The team is not trained to do so. For this purpose, a licensed and well trained team is needed to handle snake issues since the snake may or may not be venomous.

• Man power and equipment:

Pests control companies have very less man power, rather they rely on poisons and sprays to control pests. Snakes cannot be controlled by such methods. It requires man power and special training to catch a snake and then trap them to remove safely.

• Poison Centers:

There are poison control centers that usually cater and deal with such situations. Whenever a snakebite accident happens, if medical aid is not available then go for poison control centers…They are alternative of hospitals. But every area may or may not have poison control centers. Every service has its own responsibilities. Centers and companies are there to cater difficult situations to their best. But some rarely occurring situations are difficult to solve as there is less training and man power to deal with them. Removing or trapping a snake is duty of animal services and they are trained in a way to deal with such situations. Pests control companies are not responsible for such incidents. Will a pest control company remove a snake?

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