Will a pigeon in the attic have a nest of babies?

Pigeon Biology
Pigeons are birds that are a part of the biological Columbiade family. These birds have bulky bodies and very shot necks. The bills of a pigeon are short and slender. Pigeons make lightweight nests which predators can damage very easily.

Pigeons love to eat fruits, plants, and seeds. There are several types of pigeons that only feed on insects and worms. There are also pigeons who only consume fruits but not seeds and there are also pigeon species who only consume seeds but not fruits. Pigeons that consume fruits have smaller stomach and intestines than pigeons which eat seeds. A pigeon’s size varies according to their type. The largest species of pigeons are crowned pigeons. The smallest species of pigeons are called ground doves. We can compare the size of a ground dove to the size of a sparrow and we can also compare the size of a crowned pigeon to the size of an adult turkey. One interesting thing about pigeons is that these birds don’t have gallbladder. These birds have a good memory and they can easily memorize their travel routes and many other things.

Pigeon Habitat
We can find pigeons in almost every part of the world, but with a few exceptions. For example, we can’t find pigeons in Sahara, the Arctic, and the Antarctic. However, other parts of the world besides these are filled with pigeons. Pigeons are adapted to various types of habitats - grasslands, woods, forests, mangrove forests, temperate woodlands, etc. Pigeons either live on trees or on land. We refer to pigeons who live on trees as arboreal pigeons and we refer to pigeons who live on the ground as terrestrial pigeons. There are also pigeon species which live interchangeably on the ground and on the trees.

Pigeon Life Cycle
Pigeons can live up to 30 years. An adult female pigeon will lay eggs four to five times a year. Both mom and dad pigeon take care of their pigeon babies. The favorite place of pigeons for nesting is the attic. This is why many people find their attic being invaded by pigeons.

Will a pigeon in the attic have a nest of babies?
Yes, it usually will because the main reason why a pigeon is there in your attic is nesting. If you see a pigeon at night in your attic, that is the mom pigeon and if you see a pigeon during the day in your attic, that pigeon is dad pigeon.

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