About pigeon bird netting to keep them away

Pigeon Bird Netting
Getting rid of pigeons is becoming a big problem for people residing in urban as well as rural areas these days. These birds fly in groups and carry major diseases like cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis, & salmonella with them from place to place. Their droppings can cause accidents and can destroy the beauty and aesthetic of the areas in which they reside.

What is Pigeon Net?
Pigeon net as the name suggests is a net constructed mainly from premium quality materials which can range from steel, PVC, polyethylene and poly propylene depending upon the area of usage. The net is installed outside the premises where the pigeon activity is most and needs to be controlled. The netting is of two types - oriented and extruded. Oriented type of netting is usually stretched and have high tensile strength. They are usually used for horizontal applications. They are used to cover ponds and crops and mainly large agricultural areas. Extruded netting has a stable net structure and is used for mainly vertical applications like walls, for covering food crops. The Nets have high melting point and thus make them suitable for hot and humid weathers.

How it can be used
Pigeon nets can be installed in a variety of places from industrial, agricultural to residential areas as well. The nets come in varying sizes and knitting depending on the area to be covered and the customer can select them according to his needs. Farmers use pigeon nets exclusively in an attempt to prevent their crops and fields from their exclusion. Once installed not only pigeons but the nets also prevent the entry of other birds like crows, vultures, sea gulls belonging to the same size class of pigeons. Along with the nets various traps, noise repellent devices, and predator balloons can be installed which enhances the functioning of these nets.

Netting systems are the most effective and budget friendly options in agricultural areas where the large ground is to be covered. It prevents the breeding; roosting of not only pigeons but other pests also .the nets are not visible from distance and thus maintain the cultural and aesthetic appeal of the covered area without compromising on safety. They are flame resistant and can last very long ranging from 6-8 years once installed. For easy maintenance of these nets, special net zippers and clips are also made accessible. Thus this makes it very affordable and a real worth of money.

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