What should I do with a pigeon after I catch it in my house?

Pigeons In Your House
Pigeons are capable of invading any facility or structure, including your home. Pigeons rarely enter people’s homes. However, when they enter a people’s home, they will usually invade the attic or the kitchen. Pigeons who invade kitchens entered your kitchen in search for food while pigeons who have invaded your attic have invaded your attic because they want to roost and nest there. It is always easier to catch a pigeon that has invaded your attic than catching a pigeon that has invaded your attic. The pigeon in your kitchen or living room will refuse to exit it through the window because it wants to make such living spaces their home. Catching a pigeon is always a challenge and you must be prepared to catch a pigeon in your house.

How to Catch a Pigeon In Your House
Before you even start with getting rid of that pigeon that has invaded your bedroom, kitchen or living room, you should close all doors in your apartment so that your feathery friend won’t fly away to another room in your home. Once you close the doors to other rooms in your apartment, you are ready to get rid/trap your feathery pigeon friend. Our warm recommendation is not to panic around your pigeon invader because that way you can only make the situation worse. Stay calm around your pigeon because it won’t eat you nor bite you. Make sure that you stay calm and the bird will calm down as well. Once your bird has calmed down and it starts to stare at you, it is time to take some action to get rid of it. Grab a large towel and throw it at the bird. This will make you pigeon unable to fly.

What Should You do Next?
Don’t immediately release the pigeon you have just caught. Look if your pigeon looks sick or injured. It would be extremely inhumane to release an injured or sick pigeon without offering it help. Some signs of an injured pigeon include bleeding, many lost feathers, etc. If your pigeon seems to be injured or sick, you have many options to help the bird. However, the best thing you can do for your injured pigeon is to call a vet or a wildlife professional who can take care of it and release it in the wild when it recovers.

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