What areas can pigeons enter a house through?

Pigeons no doubt find a lot of comfort in peoples’ houses and that is why it is not uncommon to find them setting up nests in the various of house. Houses are normally a spot in which they could locate food, find accommodating as well as breeding. Having them in our house in no secret irritating especially because of the noises they make as well their droppings. So where exactly do they find entry into our houses.

• Open windows.

This is certainly their most common entry point. What happens is that for birds, like the likes of pigeons, they first observe the open window for some time before resolving entering through that window. These birds hover around the area for some time but are deterred from entering by noises inside the house. However, when this noises fade, the proceed to enter and find a place that they’ll declare as their home.

• Openings on the walls

Openings on the walls such as cracks certainly provide an entry to these birds. They are especially fascinated with cracks that are near the roof as these give them access to the ceiling, a place that is actually segregated from humans.

• Window Lintels

Window lintels acts as temporary accommodation points where the birds establish their shelters as they wait to set up permanent ones inside the house. They mostly use lintels on the windows on the upper floors as it provides an easy access to the house’s roof.

• Uncapped chimneys

This is a spot that is not to be taken for granted and measures that will prevent entry from this point should be taken fast. This situation can pose a great chance of a fire accident due to the fact that with the entry of these birds, they may establish nests by the use of their feathers, or twigs substances that favor growth of a fire.

• Nearby trees

It is not uncommon to find nests set up on the trees surrounding a home. This place is no match for the comfort that an establishment inside a house can offer. What birds do is certainly clever. They use these trees as temporary accommodation points as they wait to enter the house and make their permanent shelters. These trees also act as sources of materials such as leaves, twigs and woods that they will use to make their shelter inside the home.

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