Do pigeons make good pets?

Humans started domesticating animals during the slow process of human evolution. And that went very good. Animals are domesticated even now for the innumerable benefits they bless us with. But there is something about some animals (or should I say birds?) that qualifies them for something more than just commercial entities. That qualifies them as something close to our heart. That qualifies them to become our pets.

Pets are an integral part of the lives of a lot of us. And why they should not be? They are more of a blessing than mere animals. Pets bless us by giving us a sense of responsibility, the joy of nurturing them, to see them play, to manage time with them in our lives. They develop an emotional attachment towards us and it is also the other way around. They teach a lot about life.

A pet can be a dog, a cat, a parrot, sometimes a squirrel and many others. These are the common ones and you would easily see them as pets in every alternate home. But did you ever see a pigeon and questioned yourself that can they make a good enough pet? Well, the answer is a big yes. Pigeons can make wonderful pets.

Pigeons can be petted both indoors and outdoors meaning you can include them as a member of the family or you can build a safe and secure aviary outdoors for them.

Petting pigeons indoor
Pigeons can easily learn how to live with the family and will be ecstatic once they become stable. They become a part of the family. They enjoy staying in their homes and make really good pets. But you cannot keep all of the pigeons bothering your house if their number is humongous.

Petting pigeons outdoor
Pigeons are fun loving birds and mostly spend the time napping, bathing, and searching for favorite food. They also sunlight and stay under the sun for quite a time. Pigeon pairs mate and give eggs every four to five weeks and are extremely devoted to their family. They sit on the eggs alternately. They produce offspring and are seemingly content in the aviaries. Thus, petting them outdoors is a great option especially if you are troubled with a lot of them. This will help them as they have no home and struggle to survive with us. Just make sure that the aviaries are rodent free and safe.

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