What to do about pigeons in chimneys?

Pigeons usually prefer to build their nests in abandoned places. They find themselves safe and lay eggs without any fear. Any deserted building, air conditioner window or chimney are most favorite places for a pigeon stay but sometimes they may be dangerous.

Every life in this planet is precious and so is a bird’s life. Chimneys are one dangerous spot to build a nest since this may harm bird and its eggs.

Pigeons cannot fly vertically once they fall in the chimney due to their weight. This makes the situation difficult to handle. Usually they fly towards the light. So a good idea to get a pigeon out of chimney will be to shine some light toward open end. This will help the bird to get some directions and simplify the situation.

For a pigeon trapped in chimney or a having a bird nest there, it is necessary to remove the fire and save the bird. Because nested birds are protected by Wild Life Law, chimneys must be made with some small hole in order to remove it. Help can be taken from bricklayer or builder.

An individual attempt can be made to help the bird escape the chimney. This may include an open large box and broom. The box must be moved upwards in chimney with the help of broom or some other mop till the bird rests in it. If there is some nest build there then this idea may be difficult to execute but it works fine with trapped bird.

Inexperienced people should not try to remove a stuck bird in chimney. For this purpose help can be taken from some professional wildlife control of your area.

Once the pigeon is out of chimney, it must be handled with great care. There are chances that pigeon might be injured or the feathers must have fallen and it may take few days to recover back.

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