What is a Pigeon’s mating habits?

Pigeons are any other living possess the characteristic of reproducing. However, they have reproductive features that are uniquely theirs. Pigeons follow the normal aspect of mating and courtship. Like the eagle, they are monogamous not to mention faithful for a lifetime. This changes in the event that the spouse gets missed or unfortunately dies where the remaining mates couples up with a new mate. Pigeons are normally dedicated birds and more so, have a strong bond with their spouse.

Reproductive characteristics of the pigeon.
• Pigeons have the ability to breed as early as the age of 6 months.
• They mostly conduct their breeding in buildings especially in the urban areas while the wild pigeons breed on cliffs either coastal or inland.
• Both the male and the female pigeons engage together when it comes to incubating their eggs.
• Both parents are also responsible for feeding their squabs. They feed them on crop milk.

Pigeons’ courtship behaviors.
Many people find it such a site to watch these birds mate especially because they incorporate some behavior that are generally taken as courtship behavior. These behavior is commonly among the male birds.

• Bowling.
In this act, the male pigeon sticks out his neck followed by lowering his head as it turns round and round in circles. The raising of the neck and occasionally the wings is normally to make the pigeon appear larger.

• Driving.
This is no doubt a common bird behavior practiced even by home birds such as chicken. Driving generally entails the male pigeon running behind the female with the purpose of separating it from the other males around.

• Billing.
If it is your first time to see pigeons engage in this act, you would probably term it as kissing. This time, this is an act done by the female. The female pigeon puts its beak in the beak of the male. During billing, the birds would occasionally engage in preening some feathers off their wings or their backs.

• Mating.
Mating in pigeons like the other animals, is when the male bird stands on top of the female. Mating after the male pigeon chooses a potential mate and conducts the courtship rituals normally to get the attention of the female bird. Initially, the female would walk or run away from the male but if she chooses to accept the proposal, the she stops. The male bird gives food to the female as an offering and allow the male to mount. This act is normally coupled with the flapping of wings by the male bird to keep balance. This is especially a funny site to watch especially because in most cases, the female would normally be occupied by some other activity like feeding such that the male appears as desperate.

Mating seasons.
Pigeons are generally known to be birds that engage in mating or breeding throughout the year as long as the climatic conditions are conducive. Even so, their most active mating times include the summer and the spring season.

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