How do pigeons communicate?

Birds in their own unique way do communicate. They could communicate for various reason and with different methods. Pigeons are no different and even though they do not sing, well they get to pass their message across among other pigeons. So which are the different ways in which they communicate?Generally, pigeons will communicate through movements and sounds.

Through notes.
Pigeons use notes to convey different messages. They could use for the purpose of alerting other birds when a predator approaches. Like for example, when a cat approaches, then the pigeons would be heard cooing to warn the others. They also use these notes to communicate among themselves when in a flock. For the males, the notes are especially useful when it comes to finding a mate. The male pigeon would normally coo like when it is in its nest to attract a mate in. For pigeons, they will also coo as sounds for affection.

By movement such as bowling.
This is a communication method that is practiced by the male pigeons. What happens is that the male pigeon sticks out his neck while raising his feathers to appear bigger. It then lowers its head and goes and round such that it appears like dancing. All this is done with the aim of attracting a particular female pigeon to become its mate.

By their behavior
Different behavior among the pigeons would be used for communication purposes. Such behavior would include

• Preening

Preening of feathers for both the male of female on their spouse communicates affection. They would preen each other’s feathers in the back area as well as the wings.

• Billing

Another behavior they engage in to show affecting is billing. Billing would ordinarily appear as though the pigeons are kissing where by either the male or the female puts its beak in the beak of its spouse. Feeding is also another form of communicating.

• Feeding

When the male is seeking a female for a mate, it would normally approach the female pigeon with food as an offering. The female then understands that it is being pursued as a mate. If the female accepts then the male has been allowed as a mate where it can now proceed on mounting on the female. Feeding is also practiced among pigeons that are already a couple, where the male pigeon feeds the female as a sign of affection.

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