What is pigeon shock track?

Pigeon Shock Track
Pigeons nowadays contribute too many urban problems and are a nuisance to the population. Pigeons carry various bacteria and viruses from place to place and are the cause of various sorts of diseases and infection. Many people slip and fall while stepping on their droppings and can cause accidents. Moreover, they are known for populating monuments and statues and thus cause damage to public and private property as well. They build their nests in public places and in turn increase their population in the main city areas. Thus their activities need to be kept under check and one such device used by companies is the Pigeon Shock Track which is a reliable and effective solution to their problem.

What is it?
Pigeon shock track is a device which consists of a track and a wire is situated on it which can emit shock of certain amplitude whenever the pigeons come in contact with the surface of the track. The track is powered by a charger which has different power rating depending upon the length of the track been laid for example a 12 V supply is used to charge a 500 feet track and a 120 V supply is used to charge a 1200 feet track. In this way, there is an optimum usage of the used to charge a 1200 feet track. In this way, there is an optimum usage of the power. Moreover, the track can be laid at a variety of places and surroundings like ledges, rooftops, tree branches, leaves, poles, and billboards, balconies etc. It is flexible and can be installed in curves also thus making it versatile and easy to use.

What it does
Pigeon Shock track is based on the principle that birds and pests changing their behavior to adapt to situations and thus, if we can study their patterns and successfully prevent them from stepping on their usual strolling paths then they would think twice before crossing the tracks and; in this way bird shock track keeps the places where the probability of pigeon trespassing is most noted safe. Pigeons once step on the tracks and receive a mild shock which compels them to change their behavior either stop stepping on tracked paths or change their area. Both of which helps in keeping their actions under control to a much extent!

Why is it beneficial
Pigeon shock system is not only effective in controlling pigeon problem but is also affordable and cost effective. It is transparent and thus is extremely low profile maintaining the aesthetic of the surrounding area. It is easily cleanable and thus saves money by preventing corrosion of buildings from pigeon droppings. With pest infestation, it also reduces health and infection problems and decreases the trouble for the public and residents.

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