How to get pigeons out of the attic

Is It Possible?
Many people who have pigeons invaders in their attic ask themselves whether it is possible to get rid of pigeons in their attic or not. Your attic is a good spot for pigeons to roost there and make a nest. Getting rid of pigeons that have invaded your attic may be a daunting task because of several things. For example, pigeons are not easily reachable if they have made nests in the very high corners of your attic. Getting to such high corners in your attic that contain pigeon nests can be a difficult task and you will expose yourself to dangerous pigeon waste. You should always wear safety equipment while dealing with pigeons and their waste. Dried pigeon waste is the worst because inhaling dried waste can infect you with a number of dangerous diseases.

What About Repellents?
Now that you have read that getting rid of pigeons by yourself is extremely hard, you probably think that using repellents is good alternative to removing pigeons physically. However, using repellents to get rid of pigeon invaders in your attic is not a good idea. Pigeon repellents will never completely remove pigeons from your attic. At first, pigeons in your attic will dislike the smell of pigeon repellents you have installed and they will leave your attic. However, these pigeons will come back to your attic in a few days once the smell of the repellent wears off.

A Major Source of Nuisance
Pigeons in the attic are a major nuisance because these birds will leave their poop all over your attic which is, by the way, a health hazard. If pigeons are roosting in your attic or on the roof of your home, there are a few things you can try to get rid of them.

Block Their Entrance
If pigeons seem to invade your attic every now and then, they have an entry point to your attic. You will need to carefully inspect your attic for pigeon entry holes. Once you find pigeon entry holes, you will need to seal such holes to prevent pigeons from invading your attic. Block these holes with a wire mesh.

Pigeons That Roost
If you have problems with pigeons roosting on your roof or on your windows, then you should install a shock track on such parts of your home to prevent pigeons from roosting on them.

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