How to get pigeons out of a wall

Confirm That You Have Pigeons in Your Walls
People always get scared when they hear weird sounds coming from their walls. They think that a monster is probably hiding in their walls. However, in most cases, it is not a monster that is hiding in walls and producing weird sounds, but a pigeon which somehow got stuck there. Pigeons stuck in walls are more common than you think. If you believe that you have pigeons in your walls, you should first confirm that you have them inside your walls before you can even start getting rid of them. Seeing pigeons inside your walls with your two eyes is the best way to confirm that you have pigeons in your walls. However, as you don’t have X-ray vision, you can’t see do you have pigeons stuck in your walls or something else. But, there are certain signs that the animal which produces sounds inside your wall is indeed a pigeon. The most obvious sign that you have a pigeon inside your walls is coo sounds that come from your walls. We don’t have to explain you how pigeons coo because you probably know that. You can also be certain that you have a pigeon invader inside your walls if your hear sounds coming from your walls in the morning. Pigeons are mostly active during the morning whereas other wild animals that can be found in walls are active during the dusk or during the night.

Start Inspecting
Once you make sure that you have pigeons in your walls by cooing sounds that come from your walls and by hearing them make noises only in the morning, you are ready to get rid of pigeons in your walls. The first thing you should do before getting rid of pigeons in your walls is to inspect your walls for cracks and holes through which the animals could have entered your walls. You should also inspect your chimney. You should also inspect your window sashes and air vents as well.

What to do After Identifying Pigeon Entry Holes
Once you have identified possible pigeon entry holes, you should seal them. However, don’t seal them immediately. You should wait until your pigeons leave your walls in search for food. When they leave your walls, you can seal pigeon entry holes with a wire mesh. The pigeons will try to enter through the cracks that were sealed with a wire mesh for a couple of days. However, they will give up from it once they see that they can’t break down a wire mesh.

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