Does using poison cause dead rats in the house

Rats are probably the most common pests especially because they are found in almost all geographic areas. Their small size as well as their fast nature also certainly contributes to this factor. There are a number of ways of dealing with them from human ways such as trapping to inhumane ways such as shooting them, drowning them the most common being poisoning. Among the most common poisons that have been commonly used would include:

This poison generally alters the normal functioning of the rat’s body which would include cardiac abnormalities, renal failure, hypertension among other issues. The poison eventually leads to death in not more than 36 hours.

Bromethalin is a poison that works by causing the brain to swell. What happens is that after consumption, the rat’s nervous system is attacked coupled with lots of pain and eventually the animal dies. It is important to note that the margin safety associated with this poison is narrow and therefore, should be handled with utmost care. The animal dies after about 24 hours after consumption.

Anticoagulants would include coumatetraly,brodifacoum, bromadiolone, warfarin as well as flocaumafen. What happens is that the rat hemorrhages heavily as this poison damages its blood vessels. The end result being death!

This poison basically damages the rat’s organs such as the liver, kidney as well as its tissue. Death would normally follow after 24 hours due to heart failure.

Disadvantages of using rat poison.
• First, it is a very inhumane method. The rat is made to go through a slow death as most take about 24 to 36 before the animal dies. If killing is the method you want to go by, then using snap traps should be the way.
• The poison might not be as effective as you thought it would. This is because, the rat might be cautious and choose not to eat the bait. For some, even after they have eaten, may not die as they are resistant to the poison.
• It acts as a temporary solution. This is especially in the case where you fail to dispose the carcass. The dead rat is a ready meal to other rats and this might just invite more into your house.
• The issue of having to deal with a carcass. This method comes with the unwanted package of having to find the dead animal lest you will have to deal with awful stench of it decomposing. Does using poison cause dead rats in the house

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