Should I ever poison a pigeon?

Many people have affection towards birds and animals. They are amazing creatures, but when one talk about pigeons even the most gentle of people hate their existence. The reason behind this hatred is the mess they create. There is not just one but, many distinguished reasons behind this hatred towards pigeon. They produce loud annoying sounds and leave their droppings all over the place. These droppings can even spread harmful diseases. Who likes a pigeon (or their whole group) to lay down their rooftops making disturbing cooing noise and making them their dumping yards for droppings?

Is poisoning them an option?
Well, the killing of pigeons by poisoning in order to get rid of them is never an option. Obviously, there are easier and better ways to get rid of them around your house without actually killing them. If one observes, there are specific places in one’s house where pigeons take shelter. These places can be rooftops, chimneys, balconies, window panes, vents, yards and similar others. There are various reasons for pigeons flying around our living places. A major one of those is their source of nourishment.

Is it legal to poison pigeons?
The answer to this question varies with different countries and states. Whether poisoning them is legal or not entirely depends upon the local ordinance. However, it is generally legal in most of the states but then there are restrictions too on the use of bird poison. So even in the countries where killing them is legal, there are restrictions on some ways that are generally used for taking pigeons down.

What are the options?
Regularly check for littering garbage or pet foods whose smell and the site attracts them. And make sure junks, food items, or any other eatables are out of reach of these flying creatures. However, blocking or clearing out the areas where they settle the most is one of the best and effective ways to get rid of them. Blocking some areas like roof lines can be accomplished by running a line of wires having small spikes of metals. Moreover, nowadays bird repelling devices are also available and installing one can be effective if you live in densely populated areas. Overall, to get rid of pigeons there are many both, effective and humanely ways and poisoning them must never be an option. Observe their activities and work out creatively to block them from disturbing your peace and get rid of them.

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