Do poisons make rodents thirsty and die outside?

Poisons are powerful agents that have been used by many people including the pest control companies to get rid of the nuisance animals in the house. Rodents in particular are mostly affected by the poisons since their effect is adverse on their small bodies. Generally, if you want smart results, they you need to consider using the poisons as your only agent of control for these animals.

Are they effective?
Poisons are generally effective. However, you have to understand that there are different kinds of poisons in the industry. There are those poisons that are very lethargic, which cause a severe internal bleeding for the animal. Therefore, if you want something that will work best for you, then you will need to consider using the poisons are your method of control. Their workability

• Poisons work by causing bleeding in the rodent’s body.
• Poisons make the animal suffocate slowly.
• Poisons work by instilling pain all over the rodent’s body.

With these three strategies, the poisons are able to overcome the animal in a very short duration of time after consumption.

Will rodents die outside?
This is a lie. After consumption, the poisons work very fast in the animal’s body. Internal bleeding commences at once and the animal is in great pain. It cannot move a muscle after poisoning. Due to the adverse effects in the rodent’s body, the rodent is forced to die inside the house.

In the same manner, after consumption, the rodent cannot breathe as some of the poisons cause suffocation to the animal. This means that the animal cannot breathe, gasping for air, the rodent tries to find its way out but even before it could do so, it dies inside the house.

Are poisons good control agent?
No they are not. This is because;

• They are inhumane control method.
• There are other effective methods.
• They may be an expensive control method

These are the three most common reasons why I would not advise you to sideline yourself with the use of poisons. They are dangerous not only to the rodent, but your health could be compromised too simply by the use of the poisons. Therefore, you need to be careful on how you use the poisons. You could also be considering using other methods such as trapping or one way exclusion funnels. These are more effective at keeping the animal away.

Use of poisons has not been termed as illegal but given the effects on the rodents body, they are to be discouraged. Most of the rodents after consumption will die inside as opposed to what most pest control, companies make us believe.

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