Should I ever poison a skunk?

No, there are no registered or legal poison designed for killing skunks. Likewise, it is an inhumane and cowardly way of killing pests. If you must kill a skunk, consider other meaningful methods rather than poison. Poisoning skunks has dire consequences after all, the poison can incidentally kill your pet eventually or the skunks may survive the poison farce. When the animal eats a poison induced bait, its health will start deteriorating and eventually die. Usually, it will crawl to a dark hidden place. After a couple of days, an absurd stench will fill the air from the rotting carcass.

Should you kill them?
However easy it may seem, one can resort to killing these smelly rodents. They wreak havoc from the moment they step in you compound. Within a day, they will burrow your yard foraging for the insect grubs. They will spill garbage from trash cans and spray you with the sultry sulphurous spray that can partially blind you. Moreover, they will kill your poultry and feed on the eggs. The pesky rodents dig holes everywhere, even under your house.

Alternative method of killing skunks
Instead of using the retrogressive poisoning method, you could use traps to kill the animals. Several traps have been devised to perfectly euthanize the skunks. Skunks are unbearable animals, chasing them with repellants won’t work as they will return or get used to the repellents and still reign mayhem in your yard. You can also kill them by:CO2 asphyxiation; Neck breaking; Shooting them; Traumatic head blow etc.

How to keep them away
Skunk activities are always destructive in nature, no good comes from them. Perhaps farmers would want them in their farms as they feed on major pests. They are inhospitable and not welcomed in any residential space. You can apply numerous techniques to keep them at bay.
• Adding night stand lights
• Sealing entry holes
• Reducing attractants
• Installing motion activated sprinklers
• Using natural repellents

How do you stop their entry?
Avoiding a face-off with skunks begins with securing your compound. You need to entirely fence the compound with tough wire mesh. Ensure that the mesh begins from deep inside (2 feet) the ground to the surface (4 feet above the ground). Skunks are good at burrowing and can bore holes under the mesh fence. Seal all the openings around the compound with mesh fencing and remove all the attractants in the yard.

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