Do possums hiss?

Possums are mammals which have originated from Australia. They are also known as Australasian marsupials. They are similar to the kangaroos in many ways. Marsupials are mammals who give birth to their babies and they are fed on milk. They have small pockets in front as they carry their babies in them just like the kangaroos do. They are known for their eating and nibbling habits. They basically feed upon the insects, berries or the eggs of the birds. Possums have many species and there are a total of sixty nine species to be recorded. According to the sources, possums were first introduces in New Zealand and China. These species grew in huge numbers in New Zealand as they did not have any competition whatsoever. There was no such wild animal who could feed on possums hence, it helped the possums to grow in abundance. In New Zealand they are known as pests because they eat up all the grass and berries.

Possums and their hissing sound
Possums are species which like sneaking around and make different type of sounds. The noise that they create is different in every situation. A possum can hiss, it can grunt, it can howl, it can squeak and take out other sounds as well. This is all upon the situation, but the most common sound they take out is the squeaking sound. They rarely hiss around and there are reasons for the possums to hiss. Normally, the possums are witnessed squeaking, but the researchers say that the possum hiss when they are angry.

A list of possums and their sounds
• Hissing
• Grunting
• Growling
• Squeaking
• Screeches
• Chatters

Possums are nocturnal and they come out after thirty minutes of sunset. They hiss around if they do not get food because that is what makes them angry. A possum goes around in search of nest sites because it loves eating the eggs of a bird. If the possum does not find the egg or the nest site, it hisses in anger. It also hisses to show anger to other possums. According to a research, the hissing is mainly done by the mother or the female, to show anger to their children. A possum lives in dens and can change several dens at the same time. A possum is also heard to be screeching when it is moving fast and it normally chatters or squ

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