Do possums attack cats, dogs, or other pets?

‘Living Fossil’ Encounter with Cats, Dogs and Humans:
At the point when undermined by greater creatures like cats, dogs or people, s little size.the possum is capable at feigning and setting up a show to cover for its fundamental fear and vulnerability. One route by which the possum protects itself when cornered is to feign by exposing its impressive arrangement of 50 teeth while snarling in a hunkered position. This show threatens numerous creature and human would-be predators notwithstanding it.At the point when the feigning does not work however, a possum will safeguard itself and this is basic with possums securing their young. This can bring about the feline getting injured, scarred or murdered from the possum's 50 major and sharp teeth and its sharp hooks.

Possums VS Cats:
Discussing losses resulting from possum-feline experiences, it is more probable for felines to slaughter youthful possums than for possums to murder felines. The possum will probably feign by exposing its teeth and snarling without assaulting, or it could even play possum – put on a show to be dead and remain so for a broadened time if need be. It is really regular to see a possum and a feline co-habiting calmly; or out and out keeping away from each other.

Possums- A Threat to wildlife and Tame Animals:
Possums are well-known for spreading bovine tuberculosis to different creatures and people, and when you regularly encourage your pets open air, they may end up noticeably defenseless to this kind of tuberculosis, particularly when Possums move close them or eat from their nourishment. Possums don't assault different pets ordinarily; they just do as such when they interact with the creatures. Possums can't assault puppies and felines in light of their sizes, be that as it may, Possums have been found to assault littler rats, winged creatures, and bugs. They may do not attack cats, dogs and other creatures directly but indirectly they harm them in the most hostile way.

Possums: Keep a Distance!
While aggressive puppies can curb the assault of Possums, felines then again are more vulnerable to Possums assaults in light of their tender nature. Catching and goading works superbly well in the control of the number of inhabitants in Possums, but, endeavors must be made to guarantee that there are no contacts with the creatures on the grounds that their chomps can transmit sicknesses.

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