Do possums dig holes or burrow underground?

These animals are generally arboreal and like to live in trees; hanging out on the appendages of the trees in the late spring and inside openings and depressions in the winter. If opossums were attempting to get at something delicious like seed from a birdfeeder or waste in a plastic sack instead of a fixed holder—however got startled by a canine, they would more likely to run directly into a close-by tunnel to cover up dug by different animals. They’re climbers that don't burrow enormous holes.

Who’s that digging in the yard: Raccoons or possums?
While grass is not normally a piece of an opossum's eating routine, as indicated by sources, for example, the University of Nebraska, possums may some of the time uncover yards as they look for worms and grubs. Simply discovering your garden dove up in the morning doesn't imply that your nighttime guest was a possum; raccoons and skunks are more probable than possums to delve up your grass looking for nourishment. These nuisances will uncover little segments of grass looking for the treats underneath.

Identifying the Culprit:
When attempting to figure out what sort of critter has dug up your garden, two things may enable you to make sense of it to. The first is impressions. Opossum prints are long and limit, and each of the toes demonstrates independently. Raccoons leave prints that demonstrate each toe, however the cushion zones are a great deal more filled in and strong looking. Raccoon prints are likewise shorter and more extensive than possums. Furthermore, raccoons tend to leave droppings in a similar place after a long time, while opossums diffuse droppings all over. Skunks or other little creatures may likewise be at fault for grass harm.

Counteracting Lawn Damage:
Mostly large possums won't harm your grass by any means, yet the most ideal approach to dodge issues with them is to debilitate them from going to your yard in any case. Get fallen natural product promptly and keep all trash jars firmly secured. Try not to forget pet nourishment during the evening, and fence off any territories that may pull in possums, for example, poultry yards or concealing spots under decks, houses or different structures. A splendid light around evening time will likewise help, since possums like to adhere to the dim.

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