What property modifications will keep down rat populations?

The most important thing you need to know about rats is, you cannot eradicate them. However you can control their populations. You can also try and keep them off your house or at least try and minimize their access to your home.

What do we need to consider when modifying homes for rat control?
• That they can climb into the house through wire, and pies.
• They will travel a long distance even upside down hanging on wire meshes.
• Can fit in very small openings
• Will considerably high considering their size.
• They are good at adapting and sometimes pretty smart.
• They are very fast and extremely good at dodging.

What next?
Modify your home. While the best way to modify a home to keep away rats is during construction, sometimes it becomes necessary to do so years after houses have been constructed. So what someone do?

• Modify your walls and floors to incorporate heavy duty concrete. That is, after your home has been inspected and approved for such a modification as a weak foundation can cause the destruction of your home.
• Clear bushes and trees that may be near your home and enable the rats to get to your home
• Rats are smart; therefore consider using doors that close automatically and fast to avoid them getting into your home while the doors are open.
• Inspect all possible entrances they use and seal them. Remember wire mesh and iron sheets may notdo a good job at it, so use materials that are very difficult for them to chew through. For instance stones, steel reinforcements.
• Use steel to reinforce any wooden bars they may get access to.
• Tightly fix doors to reduce spaces the rodents may pass through.
• Remove any wiring that may be overhead your roofs and possibly redirect it from underground.

Are there other ways to keep them in check?
• Ensure your compound is clean to discourage them foraging for food within your compound.
• Keep pets like cats within the compound to scare them away.
• Get the services of an exterminator. This generally is not the most recommended solution to the problem since they use poisons which could be dangerous for you.

Why bother getting rid of them?
• Exposure to diseases like salmonella.
• Serious destruction of your home, as they will chew almost through anything.
• Rats are a source of food for other animals, and their hunters may want to follow them right into your home. For instance snakes.

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